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Una de Gato

Una de Gato

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60 ml  



About This Product:

Una de Gato is a woody vine that grows up trees in the Highlands of Peru. It is called Cat’s Claw because of its thorns, which resemble a cat’s claw grasping the tree. It may take 20 years to mature and climb over 100 feet. In order to protect this highly valued herb, the Peruvian government restricts harvesting of the root. Only the inner bark is harvested, leaving the root untouched and able to regenerate for many years to come. The inner bark provides all the beneficial alkaloid found in Una de Gato. Una de Gato came to the attention of scientist Klaus Keplinger in 1974 during a conversation he had with an Ashaninka Indian from Peru. The Ashaninkas have long regarded una de gato tea as a sacred herbal panacea. The Peruvians have used the Una de Gato as a healing tonic for centuries, trusting in its cleansing abilities. Dr. Brent Davis has been working with Una de Gato in the United States since 1988. He nicknamed it “The Opener of the Way” for its profound ability to cleanse the intestinal tract and provide relief from problems in the stomach and bowels. Patients with colitis, gastritis, Crohn’s disease, intestinal flora imbalance and even ulcers have benefited from Una de Gato. Alkaloids are the active organic compounds found in herbs/plants. It is from alkaloids that plants derive there potent power. Six oxindole alkaloids are prevalent in Una de Gato bark. These alkaloids are what seem to give Una de Gato its unique healing benefits and the ability to enhance the immune system and gastro-intestinal tract. Studies have shown these alkaloids to be anit-viral, anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulating, and act as antioxidants.

Directions and Use:

The standard dosage of this extract is 10-15 drops 1 hour before meals. May be taken with pure water or juice.


Una de Gato (Cat's Claw)