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ThermaSkin Itch Blocker Roll On

ThermaSkin Itch Blocker Roll On

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Product Description

ThermaSkin Itch Blocker is 100% natural. It features a proprietary formulation of proven botanical extracts along with capsaicin and caffeine to instantly relieve itching and irritation caused by allergic skin reactions. Our Itch Blocker roll-on neutralizes the effects of poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, stinging nettle and bug bites. This unique formula contains Jewelweed, Goldenseal, Pareira and Capsaicin along with other natural ingredients. ThermaSkin Itch Blocker is guaranteed to stop itching in less than 60 seconds for most users. Itch Blocker also reduces inflammation and promotes fast healing for a variety of rashes and irritating topical symptoms.
Use for topical itching, rash and irritation as needed.
Purified water, jewelweed, pareira, caffeine, oleoresin capsicum, green tea, goldenseal, cucumber, witch hazel, rosemary, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, ascorbic acid and potassium sorbate.

Apply to affected skin as needed to relieve symptoms caused by topical allergic reactions. Can be used to relieve poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, stinging nettle and even bug bites.