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Sinus Plumber Cough Cold Spray

Sinus Plumber Cough Cold Spray

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About This Product:

Sinus Plumber Cough Cold Spray relieves sore throat pain, itchy throat and congestion. The natural ingredients also help to shorten the duration of cough and cold symptoms. Every ingredient is designed to relieve and prevent a variety of cough, cold and flu symptoms. Sinus Plumber instantly relieves cough and cold symptoms including sore throat pain, without the side effects associated with OTC cough & cold products. This is an all in one cold remedy that that can be used as needed for ages 12 years and up. 

Sinus Plumber Cough Cold Spray is guaranteed to reduce sore throat pain in seconds. It can also be used for dry throats, dry mouth and more even mouth pain. Aside from relieving cold symptoms, this formula is also excellent for daily use to prevent sore throats, itchiness and dryness associated with allergies or extensive use of vocal cords. NOTE: Many singers use this formula to keep their vocal cords healthy by using it as a daily throat conditioner. ( 2 Fl OZ / 60 Ml - Over 400 sprays per bottle)

 (Hot Pepper Extract) instantly desensitizes nerve fibers to stop sore throat pain and swelling of the mucous membranes. Capsaicin also provides a warming sensation that triggers the lungs to cough up excess mucous and help relieve chest congestion. 

Horseradish: A strong natural antibiotic that also reduces swelling and desensitizes nerve fibers known to cause pain and soreness. Helps reduce the duration of cold symptoms. 

Clove Honey:
 Soothes and coats the throat while providing anti-bacterial protection. The properties of natural honey also help to boost the immune system and fight off cold symptoms. 

 Boosts energy levels and reduces headache pain while also increasing absorption into the bloodstream for other active ingredients. 

 Boosts the immune response to help the body naturally fight off cold and flu symptoms faster. 

Golden Seal:
 Boosts the immune response to help the body naturally fight off cold and flu symptoms faster. Also effective against certain fungus related ailments. 

Valerian Root: Promotes relaxation to allow the body and mind to relax.

Wintergreen: Reduces congestion and provides a natural aspirin alternative to help the body naturally reduce fevers and pain. 

Spearmint: Helps relieve congestion and also freshens breath while providing a pleasant taste. 

Green Tea: Super antioxidant that helps boost the immune system. 

Blood Orange:
 Helps to suppress coughs and reduces cold symptoms including fevers, pain and nervousness. 

Cats Claw: helps to boost immune system while also relieving stomach pains and sick stomach sensations. 

Sea Salt: Cleanses the throat and helps flush out cold causing bacteria while reducing inflammation and soreness. 

Red Radish Extract:
(Leucidal) Natural preservative that also helps reduce cold born bacteria. 

Ascorbic Acid:
 Natural preservative that controls PH while also providing large amounts of Vitamin C to help prevent the recurrence of cold symptoms. 

Steam Distilled Water:
 We use distilled water as the base because the molecules of distilled water most closely match the water molecules in the human body. Therefore the formula is absorbed into the body much more efficiently.

Directions and Use:

Shake Well - Use (2-4) sprays as needed to relieve and prevent cold symptoms, sore throat, chest and nasal congestion. Use when you feel run down, tired or have a cold coming on.


Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid, Clove Honey, Sea Salt, Leucidal (Radish Extract), Caffeine, Horseradish, Capsaicin, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Valerian Root, Green Tea, Cats Claw, Blood Orange.

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