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Barlow Herbal

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100 capsules  



About This Product:

For most of our 38 years we have been making a capsule form of LDM-100 called SEES-2000.  

This is pure Lomatium dissectum root, dried and cured, ground up and packed in veggie capsules.  

This has been a wonderful addition to our product line-up for many years.  

A few reasons people have preferred the SEES-2000 to the LDM-100:  Some people don’t like the taste of the liquid LDM-100.  

Some people don’t like the alcohol content in LDM-100 and it’s also a little easier to travel with the capsules rather than the liquid.  

Just like the LDM-100 it can also cause the one time detox rash in approximately 7-10% of the people who take 

Lomatium dissectum for the first time.  

We are excited to announce the capsule form of our popular MunityBoost product.  MunityBoost was developed specifically to prevent the one-time detox rash and in the 5 years that it's been out it has been a wonderful precursor to using LDM-100.

Using MunityBoost or SEES-Plus we have found that approximately one-tenth of one percent still experience the rash.

SEES-Plus is a perfect combination of Lomatium dissectum root, Dandelion root and Red root.

Directions and Use:

1 capsule 3 times per day.  

When used as a preventative during cold and flu season the suggested dosage is 1 capsule once per day.

SEES-Plus is not recommended during pregnancy and still has the possibility of the one-time detox rash.


Lomatium dissectum root, Dandelion root and Red root.

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