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Mold, Yeast & Dust Allergy Relief

Mold, Yeast & Dust Allergy Relief


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1 fl oz.  



About This Product:

BioAllers Mold, Yeast & Dust Allergy Relief is the #1 selling homepathic allergy brand in America! Mold, Yeast & Dust provides relief for the symptoms of sneezing, congestion, sore throat and itchy, watery eyes associated with mold, yeast and dust allergies. Allergy Relief is a homeopathic formulation providing short-term relief of allergy symptoms and long term resistance desensitizing sufferers against future allergic episodes. Allergy Treatment has all Natural Ingredients, no side effects, no drowsiness, no excessive dryness or thirst. bioAllers provides symptom relief for allergy sufferers by stimulating the body's natural systems involved in allergic reactions. bioAllers combines precise levels of homepathic ingredients with specific homeopathic allergens called allersodes. The result of this two-part combination formula is a system of natural allergy treatment for teh relief of symptoms without the unwanted side effects of drowsiness and dry mouth.

Directions and Use:

Adults, for acute symptoms, take 15 drops under the tongue every 3-4 hours. For continued allergy relief, take 15 drops under the tongue 3 times a daily. Children 2-12 years of age, take 3-5 drops under the tongue 3 times daily. Dosage for sensitive persons and asthma sufferers is contained in the package insert. For best results take in a clean mouth.


Adrenalinum (adrenaline)... 6X 
Arsenicum Lodatum (arsenious iodide)... 6X, Lycopodium Clavatum (club moss)... 6X, Natrum Sulphuricum (sodium sulfate)... 6X, Silicea (silica)... 6X, Aspergillus Favus... 12X, AFumigatis... 12X, AGlaucous... 12X, ANidulans... 12X, ANiger... 12X, Candida Albicans... 12X, Farinae (mite)... 12X, Histaminum (histamine)... 12X, House Dust... 12X, Mucor Plumbeus... 12X, Penicillium Camemberti (penicillin)... 12X, PChrysogenum... 12X, PDigitatum... 12X, PNotatum... 12X, PRoqueforti... 12X, Saccharomyces (baker's yeast)... 12X, Saccharomyces (brewer's yeast)... 12X, Purified Water, 20% U.S.P Alcohol.

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