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EST Cream (Essential Support Treatment)

EST Cream (Essential Support Treatment)

Sarati International

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2 oz  



About This Product:

EST Body Moisture Cream is a body moisture cream containing both natural estrogen and natural progesterone.  Estrogen may provide relief for hot flashes, night sweats swings and vaginal dryness

Essential Support Treatment is manufactured in Texas by Sarati International. 

There are approximately 46 - 1/4 teaspoons applications in one tube so a tube may last about 6 weeks (measuring spoon included). Each l/4 teaspoon contains approximately 20 mg of progesterone and 1 mg natural estrogen.

Directions and Use:

Women apply 1/4 teaspoon cream into hairless areas such as upper chest, shoulders the underside of arms tops of feet or behind knees. Rotate areas to avoid saturation. 1/4 teaspoon one or two times daily – morning and evening – preferably after bathing. 46 1/4 teaspoons per 2 ounce tube.


960 mg of USP natural progesterone extracted from wild yam and soybean, estriol and estradiol, with natural phyto-estrogens extracted from black cohosh, licorice root, wild yam extract, red clover blossom, dong quai, and in a 2 ounce base of: deionized water, aloe vera gel,caprylic/capric triglycerides, polyacrylamide/c13-14, isoparaffin/laureth 7, tocopheryl acetate, SD alcohol, phenoxyethanol, and grapefruit seed extract. Each 1/4 teaspoon contains 0.9 mg estriol, 0.1 mg estradiol and 20 mg of natural progesterone.

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