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ColoNorm G

ColoNorm G

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90 capsules  



About This Product:

Balanced herbal combination for complete Colon Health maintenance/ The concentrated extracts in ColoNorm G are excellent for balancing pH and correct alkaline mineral and enzyme depletion due to poor dietary habits. Aloe Vera Powder: Known for ages for its remarkable anti-inflammatory & healing properties due to enzymatic action and other nutrients. It keeps the environment in the colon healthy. Prune Concentrate: One of the few dried fruits that help to facilitate a temporary colon pH change, which aids in effective and complete elimination of wastes. Papain & Bromelain: Natural proteolytic enzymes that are valuable in the final stages of protein digestion. Bentonite powder: The value of this powder lies in its very fine molecular structure and its negative attraction for positively charged atoms. Its strong adhesive and attraction power enables it to pick up positively charged toxic material from the alimentary canal to be expelled in the faeces. Bile Salts: Helpful in toning the ileo-cecal valve thereby enhances the two way reciprocal action of the colon. Lactobacillus Acidophilus: Grown exclusively on sugar beets, it is a potent and viable source of friendly bacteria and helps to improve the detoxification rate and the bacterial environment of the colon. Colonorm G is gentle on the system, and is among the few products on the market that actually nourish the colon.

Directions and Use:

1 capsule daily before each meal, or as otherwise directed.


Amount Proprietary Blend: 500 mg Bentonite, Black Radish, Aloe Vera Extract 200:1, Prune fruit, Peppermint Leaf, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Papain, Pepsin, Flax Seed, Anise Seed, Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate), Bromelain (600 GDU), Barley Green, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa Leaf, Chlorophyll, Spirulina, Parsley Leaf, Celery seed, Spinach leaf, Watercress, Bile Salts, and Green Cabbage Leaf. Deep green extracts in the proprietary blend – the high milligram level of alkaline material in Colonorm G is extracted from a variety of natural, organically grown substances with a low temperature extraction technique which keeps the unusually high concentrations of enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, organic minerals, vitamins and other nutrients at full potency and intact … the same way they are found in Nature.