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Alkaplex Green

Alkaplex Green

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180 capsules  



About This Product:

Maintaining correct acid/alkaline levels in the body is very important to maintain strong immunity, health and vitality and healthy functioning. Serious cell degeneration can be controlled and the process of aging be slowed down if the body has the correct alkaline level. Alkalinity prevents the body from feeling fatigue and stress causing great vitality and vigor. Alkalinity helps to not only prevent but also cure many chronic diseases like arthritis etc.

Directions and Use:

2 or more capsules daily with meals, or otherwise directed.



Proprietary Greens Blend [500mg] ; *Consists of a special blend of fresh barley green, Wheat grass, Alfalfa, Chlorophyll, Spirulina,Parsley leaf, Celery,Spinach and Watercress.