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Massage Therapy

Appointment Costs:

1 hour Hot Stone Massage............$80
1 1/2 hour Hot Stone Massage......$110

1/2 hour Table Massage........................$35
1 hour Table Massage...........................$60
1 hour 30 minute Table Massage.....................


*Note: All Appointments Can Be Made By Calling 508-336-4242
(Please Specify Which Type Of Treatment You Want)

Why should I get a massage?

Massage can help with any of the following:

Stress - Massage is one of the best-known cures for stress. It gives you energy and improves your general outlook.
Painful or tight muscles - Massage can relieve both short-term cramps and habitual clenching or tightness.
Muscle soreness after exercise - Buildup of waste products after exercise can leave you feeling sore and tired; massage (followed by plenty of fluids) can help flush out these toxic elements.
Pain or tingling in your arms or legs - Muscle tension can press on nerves in the arms, hands and legs; massage can bring relief by releasing these chronic muscle spasms.
Injuries - Injuries such as tendonitis and sprains can be helped, and help loosen scar tissue
Forced inactivity effects - Areas that need to be temporarily immobilized can be helped, directly or indirectly, by massage
Athletics - Chronic tension can impair performance and even lead to injury. Massage is great for pre-event warm-up and post-event cool-down.

What should I expect during a massage?

Before your first appointment, you will have completed the intake form. This is important for several reasons. There are some contraindications to massage, so it is important that provide me with a complete picture of your state of health. It also helps me in orienting myself to provide you with the kind of massage that is right for you.

We will discuss any special concerns or areas that you would like me to focus on. Usually a full-body massage addresses all areas of the body, but sometimes people prefer that more time be spent, for example, on the arms and shoulders; in that case, I adjust the pace so that there is time available for extra attention where you really want it.

I will then leave you in privacy to undress and then lie down between the sheets on the massage table. You should begin lying on your belly. When I return, I'll position your body to make sure you are completely relaxed and comfortable. Your face will lie in a 'cradle' at the top end of the table. If you wish, I may place bolsters at your ankles so that your feet may relax completely.

During the massage, only the part of the body being worked will be undraped. Modesty is always observed. I may need to move your arms or legs for a given stroke; relax; I don't need you to 'help' me.

Always feel free to give feedback, especially if anything is unpleasant or irritating.

When the massage is over, be sure to allow yourself a few minutes to absorb and enjoy the massage. I will leave you alone for a few minutes so that you can experience this is solitude and get dressed in privacy.

Do I undress completely?

Most clients undress completely, as this allows complete freedom, while at the same time, the drapes allow modesty to maintained at all times. It also allows the body to experience the feeling of wholeness that massage promotes. However, massage is all about feeling safe and relaxed, so whatever boundaries are natural and appropriate for you will of course be observed. Genital areas are always covered and never touched. You should undress to whatever point you feel comfortable with. Please discuss any concerns or questions directly.

Getting the best out of your massage? Our tips to a great massage!

• Remove all jewelry and hair accessories.
• Eat lightly before a massage or wait at least one hour after eating.
• Avoid stimulants (caffeine, sugar, etc..)
• Refrain from any alcohol and/or drugs prior to a session.
• Come freshly showered, if possible.
• Ideally, have comfortable clothes to wear

What if I  fall asleep?

One of the risks of total relaxation! Of course, it is OK and natural to fall asleep during massage, and even if you feel you have 'missed' parts of it, you will take the benefits with you. Some clients experience a 'zone', which is very restful, and sleep-like, yet there is still the presence of 'I am being massaged'. Relax and enjoy.

Isn't massage sexual in nature and best left for the bedroom?

This is one of the questions or concerns of many people new to therapeutic massage. Our societal conditioning often causes us to equate touch or nudity with sex. This confusion is compounded by certain industries, which have "blurred" the line between massage and sexual enjoyment. The catch phrase on this point, so there is absolutely zero confusion, is that therapeutic massage is strictly non-sexual.

The practitioner-client relationship is a professional, healing one. Sexual intentions or advancements are a violation of the bond of trust that is a prerequisite for true healing and will never be tolerated under any condition.

Can massage be painful?

The body's response to pain - guarding the area by tension - is counterproductive to the goal of massage. Sometimes there can be 'good pain' associated with the release of tension. You will know the difference If anything hurts or feels uncomfortable, tell me immediately. When I am doing deep work, it is important to 'breath into' areas of intention. If you are guarding or holding your breath, tell me.

The massage process will cause the muscles to release toxic metabolic waste products (this is therapeutic). However, it can cause an aching feeling which is why it is important to drink plenty of fluid following your massage, to help the system flush itself and avoid this.

How often should I get a massage?

Massage should be part of your regular self-care. Once the beneficial effects of massage on health and well-being are understood and experienced, the body develops a natural desire to experience these benefits as a healing rhythm. Typical rhythms are:

Once a month: A basic rhythm of self-nurturing. Most people find they want to experience the benefits of massage at least once a month.
Every two weeks: Keeps the stress of daily life from getting ahead of you -- helps maintain optimal health.
Once a week: Weekly massage provides excellent support for periods of unusual stress such as illness, divorce or breakup, unusual job stress, grief, or other changes; in these circumstances, 'massage as needed' can make the difference between merely surviving and coping positively with change.

Listen to your own needs; there is no hard and fast rule.

Why is drinking water after a massage so important?

One of the beneficial effects of massage is that toxic metabolic by-products are released from your muscle tissue into the system. Drinking plenty of water (one or two tall glasses) after a massage helps flush these waste products from your system; otherwise, they can re-accumulate causing soreness and stiffness.