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Barlow Herbal

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About This Product:

Intestinal & Liver Formula Dietary Supplement. The anti-parasitic power of Black Walnut Hulls and Wormwood (Artemisia) are well known to alternative practitioners. For the first time, Clarkia-100 is a unique handcrafted herbal tincture combining Green- Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, & ground Cloves. Clarkia-100 is the precise formula recommended and used by Dr. Hulda R. Clark to deal with many parasites. According to Dr. Clark, the combination of these three ingredients will kill both the egg and adult stages of 100 different internal parasites, including amoebas, giardia, many worms, & liver flukes, which she attributes as cause of serious illness in many people who are unaware that they are affected. The real secret of this formula is the use of the dark green hull surrounding the black walnut, which is utilized within a short time after harvesting before it turns black, at which time it loses its potency, according to Dr. Clark. The clove used in Clarkia-100 is freshly ground and immediately added to the tincture, because exposure to air evaporates the desired properties, which are preserved in the liquid tincture.  Clarkia-100 is handmade in small batches in the Southwest USA. One 2floz (60 ml) bottle contains 1200 drops, enough for 15 to 30 days at recommended dosage levels.

Directions and Use:

Start at 10-15 drops in purified water every three hours. If well tolerated, increase dose to 20-25 drops before meals.


Proprietary extracted blend of selected Green- Black Walnut Hulls, Louisiana & Western Worm- wood, and Fresh Cloves

Other Ingredients: Grain alcohol

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