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Jane's Blog Tiredat Work is Not Good!

Posted by Jane Jansen on

Fatigue at work can affect your ability to think clearly, perform efficiently, feel mentally and physically stable and increases the likelihood of health problems, accidents, injuries and sometimes death.

People who are fatigued often don’t recognize how fatigued they really are and continue to push their limits rather than resolving the problem.

There are many reasons people are tired at work: Sleep issues, stress, diet, health problems, medications, depression, and too many responsibilities to name a few.

SLEEP: Inadequate sleep diminishes our body’s ability to recharge, repair and recover physically and mentally. Chronic stress wears the adrenal glands (energy glands) down so you will feel fatigued in the morning and then they kick in at night causing difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or restless sleep. So, tone down those cups of coffee as they excite the adrenals even when consumed in the morning.

Taking a natural sleep aid can help without being addictive. Sleep Optimizer (Jarrow Formulas) or Tranquil Sleep  ( Natural Factors) are popular. Melatonin works for some people and for others it doesn’t do a thing. Don’t stay up late, turn off the electronics (TV, computer, Pads, Phones) and go to bed at a regular time. Give your brain and body a break & unplug!

ADRENAL GLANDS: For many people to increase energy they drink caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks like Red Bull to get the adrenals going. The problem with that is over time the caffeine further overworks the adrenals increasing adrenal fatigue. Also the caffeine stays in your system till evening making sleep difficult. Get energy naturally. Tone down the caffeine and try taking a vitamin B-50 complex and B12 1000 mcg (sublingual/ under tongue) morning and afternoon. Also AdrenaSense (Natural Factors) or Adrenergize Enzymatic Therapy are nutrition for the adrenal.

BRAIN ENERGY: Do some stretches every now & then to get the circulation going particularly to the brain.  Do some deep breathing to get the oxygen flowing and then taking 5 or 10 minutes to meditate is like a mini siesta and will help refresh your brain cells. Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg in the later part of the day helps to oxygenate the brain as well as other parts of the body. Sublingual B12 also helps brain energy later in the day when your energy is dragging!

ALCOHOL & THE BRAIN: According to experts a glass of wine or other alcohol beverages at night may help you initially feel sleepier, but alcohol actually disrupts sleep and leads to a poorer night's rest.  This is because it interferes with sleep homeostasis, your internal timer in the brain, which regulates sleeping and waking. Timing your beverage is important. If you are relaxing with some wine or other alcohol don’t wait till later in the evening, have a drink with your evening meal. Later try a relaxing tea such as Chamomile or Bedtime tea (Yogi).

EATING & FATIGUE: Sleepiness following eating has a complex set of causes. 

Eating triggers the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for preparing the body for rest, as well as stimulating the digestive system.  Also during digestion, your body breaks down the nutrients in food. This causes a rise in blood sugar that triggers your pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin increases the amount of serotonin and melatonin that flood the brain, two chemicals associated with drowsiness.

High sugar carbohydrates spike your blood sugars quickly, resulting in a large release of insulin that provokes a subsequent blood sugar crash, which depletes energy levels.

Overeating, heavy meals or having a sluggish digestive tract puts stress on your system and can really drain your energy. Balance your blood sugars! Always have a small amount of protein with each meal. Also have a planned protein & whole grain carbohydrate or tart fruit snack between meals. Don’t wait until you feel tired, (that’s too late) you need to get ahead of the blood sugar plummet. Take a supplement to help your body utilize sugars better such as Cinnacare (Futurebiotics) 1 cap with each meal. If you have slow digestion (food just sit in your stomach) take Digest or Digest Gold ( Enzymedica)  are digestive enzymes which help process foods in the stomach more effectively and increase absorption of nutrients.

STRESS: The pressures of work can be a major energy zapper. Theanine (Jarrow Formulas) is an amino acid that helps improve focus by calming the mind without making you sleepy. It’s great for multi-taskers and worriers.

Daily fatigue at work is not good. Determining why you are fatigued at work is crucial to improved production, attitude, safety and overall better health.

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