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Jane's Blog Nutrition and Healthy Immune System

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A new study published in the September 10th 2018 Clinical Infectious Diseases medical journal suggests that vaccine effectiveness may begin dropping within weeks of administration, adding more evidence of waning protection over the course of a single flu season.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente Northern California showed that the risk of contracting the flu climbs about 16% for every 28 days after vaccination.

A strong immune system provides a child with powerful natural defenses against disease. Conversely, a child with a weakened immune system is vulnerable or more susceptible to colds, flu, and more serious illnesses.

Dr. Leo Galland, MD, former director of medical research at the Gesell Institute of Human Development, New Haven, Connecticut author of “Superimmunity for Kids” wrote, “The key to a strong, healthy immune system is optimal nutrition. The scientific evidence suggests that all of today’s common diseases are caused by a common set of biochemical disturbances that have reached epidemic proportions in our culture. These disturbances produce different diseases in different people, depending on their inherited predisposition, their life experiences, and the quality of their nutrition. Optimal nutrition in childhood is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

The ideal nutritional meals for children (those who do not have special dietary needs) should incorporate whole grains and proteins at every meal and some vegetables and fresh fruits during the day. Sometimes that’s not so easy, particularly when children become teenagers.

Let’s face it our lives have gotten extremely busy and for families with children, good nutrition too often falls to the wayside. Even the daily intake of water throughout the day is lacking, substituted with sugary juices and/or soda.

Breakfast is often something pre-packaged and grabbed on the run as everyone is trying to get out the door in the morning or it is skipped entirely. Children who skip breakfast or consume a high carbohydrate breakfast will have blood sugars that are bouncing all over the place and often have difficulties with problem-solving skills, short-term memory, and attention.

Lunches at school are also either skipped, pre-packaged or also high in sugars and carbohydrates. Dinners in the hurriedness of coming home from afterschool activities/sports often result in fast food dinners more frequently. 

Unfortunately today there are a greater number of children who have become picky eaters and therefore have a very narrow range of foods they are willing to eat. Typically what I hear is that they eat is mostly sweetened cereals, pizza, chicken nuggets, and packaged macaroni and cheese.

Thus how to incorporate important nutrients to strengthen the immune system which enhances a child’s protection from infection, improves mental acuity, emotional stability, as well as improved energy physically and mentally becomes a challenge.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle supplementing with key nutrients safeguards the immune system’s ability to protect and repair the body.

Michael’s Naturopathic formulas are designed to be synergistically complete and contain all the nutrients in the right amounts plus the proper combinations to produce optimal results. The children’s multivitamins are specialized for different age groups from infancy through the teen years. They include Pedia Vites liquid formula for infants as well as the Children’s Fruit Chewable for ages 1-8, Pre-Teen Girl and Boy multi formulas and Teen Girl and Boy multi formulas.

Michael’s children’s multivitamins are almost exclusively vegetarian and kosher; no artificial binders or excipients; wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and are in many cases vegan. Organic ingredients may be used when available and reliable. Michael’s Naturopathic Programs is committed to the traditional natural foods industry and its healthy longevity.

Remember important balanced nutrients strengthen the immune system which enhances a child’s protection from infection, improves mental acuity, emotional stability, as well as improved energy physically and mentally.

Louise Bates Ames, associate director and co-founder of the Gesell Institute states, “With increasing threats to their well-being from chemicals in the water, pesticides on fruits and vegetables, and other pollutants, children today need all the protection they can get.”

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