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Jane’s Blog Surviving the Pre-Holiday Season

Posted by Jane Jansen on

It’s December, so get your engines ready, the holiday season has officially begun and people are already feeling its effect. Racing around shopping, baking and parties can put you over the top. Stress and Digestive problems can decrease the enjoyment of your plans. So here are a few tips to help you survive the hustle and bustle and excessive sweet treats coming your way!

Holiday Stress: Who doesn’t have it this time of year?

Take the edge off and feel less stressed & /or anxious. These are a few very popular supplements that can do the trick.

  1. Calm & Calmer (Lifetime Vitamins) is a supplement that combines different nutrients. L-Theanine which is an amino acid found in green tea and extracted out. It helps to calm the mind of racing or stressful worrying thoughts to help you feel less overwhelmed. Relora is an herbal combination that calms the adrenal rush leading to panic attack, out of control type feelings. This adrenaline rush often precipitates panic attacks. Calm and Calmer is great for all stressful situations without making you sleepy.
  2. Theanine Serene with Relora (Source Naturals) is a more comprehensive supplement containing the amino acid L-theanine, to support relaxation and focused attention, and the calming neurotransmitter GABA. It also features magnesium to support muscle and nerve relaxation, calming holy basil leaf extract and Relora to gently soothe away the tension in your body.
  3. Anxiety Soother liquid (Herb Pharm) For those who don’t like pills! Designed to support your body’s response to moments of occasional and mild anxiety. Calming, relaxing, soothing and mood elevating. Proprietary extract blend: 625 mg Kava rhizome with root, Passionflower flowering herb, Bacopa herb, Albizia bark, Lavender flower and Lavender essential oil. Other Ingredients certified organic cane alcohol (66-76%), distilled water & certified organic vegetable glycerin. Dilute in water & or juice.
  4. Relax-o-zyme (Enzymatic Therapy) is a somewhat more potent natural relaxer which contains premium extracts of valerian, passion flower, and hops. These herbs are combined with nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6, which are important for proper nervous system function. It is particularly beneficial for stress that causes neck and back tension/tightness or tension headaches. It can be very helpful for getting a better relaxed sleep.
  5. Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower) is a combination flower essence for children and adults that helps to diminish overwhelming emotions, particularly when they are unpredictable. It is handy to carry around with you in your pocket or purse. Just few drops in the mouth or topically as often as needed. It also comes as a lozenge and cream. Best of all you can’t overdose on Rescue remedy and it is safe for any age (great for kids and pets) and does not interfere with medication.

Eating too much food at Holiday time can have some unpleasant side effects, ranging from simple discomfort to heartburn, indigestion and a bloated stuffed turkey feeling.

  1. Taking a digestive enzyme with your meal or even again later will help process the food more efficiently. Digest Gold (Enzymedica) Naturally relieves uncomfortable digestive issues associated with enzyme and nutritional deficiencies. Combats occasional gas, cramps, bloating, heartburn and indigestion, promotes normal digestive system function, helps break down stubborn carbohydrates, fats, fibers and protein, and increases nutrient absorption. Right Now Get 20% off an order at when you type in coupon code: Holistic
  2. Occasional heartburn and acid discomfort after a meal are often symptoms of impaired digestion. Acid Soothe (Enzymedica) taken after a meal or when needed helps alleviate acid reflux caused by certain foods. It contains Enzymes such as Amylase, lipase and cellulase enzymes work to enhance carbohydrate, fat and plant cell wall digestion. Marshmallow Root is known for its ability to relieve irritation of the mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract and to help normalize mucous secretions. Papaya leaf naturally contains papain, a protein digesting enzyme that has been studied for its soothing benefits and cleansing activity within the GI tract. It has a history of supporting the body’s natural digestive processes. Gotu Kola provides additional support for the intestines. Gotu Kola is known for aiding tissue during gastrointestinal distress, and is uncommonly rich in B vitamins and potassium, as well as being a natural diuretic. It is available in chewable tablets or capsules. Right Now Get 20% off an order at when you type in coupon code: Holistic
  3. Don’t forget the day to drink a cup of Detox Tea to help flush out toxins from food additives, excess alcohol consumption or exposure to cigarette or wood burning smoke and to get eliminate the bloaty swollen feeling!

You can get through these days leading up to the holidays! Sometimes you just need a little help.

Jane Jansen Holistic Practitioner  Tree of Life Wellness Center

Host of Holistic Healthline Radio

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