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Jane’s Blog Sinus Infections Be Gone

Posted by Jane Jansen on

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem, both in the United States and across the world. The main driving factors behind antibiotic resistance are the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. Colds, flu, most sore throats, bronchitis, and many sinus and ear infections are caused by viruses. Antibiotics do not help fight viruses and for the overwhelming majority of common respiratory infections, antibiotics are not helpful.”

The CDC also states 1. Taking antibiotics increases your risk of getting an antibiotic-resistant infection later. 2. Antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria in the gut, allowing more harmful bacteria, such as C. difficile, to grow in its place. 3. Antibiotics cause 1 out of 5 emergency department visits for adverse drug events and are the most common cause of emergency department visits for adverse drug events in children under 18 years of age.

Can you eliminate a sinus infection without using prescriptions antibiotics?

Absolutely! The first step is to kill off the bacteria in your sinuses.

  1. Get SinuOrega (North American Herb) nasal spray. This will directly kill off the bacteria on the nasal membranes and open up the sinuses to allow mucus drainage. This formula works really well and it is pretty intense so go easy at first. Another option is Colloidal Silver nasal spray which is gentler on the sinus tissues, but may not open up the sinuses quite as well for drainage. Use either of them frequently throughout the day based on how you are feeling.
  2. Alternate with Xlear nasal spray to wash out the sinuses and break down biofilm which protects the pathogens. It also will wash out allergens!
  3. Take either Oil of Oregano capsules (Natural Factors) or Goldenseal Root capsules approx. 570 mg. : 1 cap 3x day (of either) before meals to kill off bacteria throughout your body. Then continue to take for 1 week beyond feeling good again, to keep the infection from coming back.
  4. For congestion Butterbur (Solaray) is great and won’t make you anxious or elevate blood pressure! Use as directed on the label.
  5. For deep cleansing use a Netti. Mix Sinus Care Solution packet w/ xylitol (Xlear) with the warm water and also add a teaspoon of Colloidal Silver 10ppm. Xylitol helps to break down biofilm that lines the sinuses and protects the bacteria from being killed off. Silver is a natural ant-viral / antibacterial that kills on contact.
  6. To open and soothe sore sinuses: Olbas Inhaler is a small plastic tube infused with Menthol, Peppermint oil, Cajeput oil and Eucalyptus oil. Gently insert the tube partially in your nostril and inhale. It will help open up the airway and soothe irritated sinus membranes. There are also many essential oil blends that are helpful in a diffuser or used directly on the nasal area.
  7. Eliminate dairy, soy and wheat as much as possible as they increase mucus production which is a great environment for bacteria and virus to thrive.

Utilizing these natural methods at the first sign of a sinus infection will help prevent the need to take an antibiotic! Possibly ever again!  It works for us, our patients and families!

Jane Jansen  Natural Practitioner Tree of Life Wellness Center Seekonk, MA. 508-336-4242   Host of Holistic Healthline Radio

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