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Jane’s Blog Happy New Year 2020 Let’s Get Ready!

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Prevent Intense New Year Hangover

Ethanol is the main active ingredient in alcoholic drinks, but they also contain varying amounts of congeners. Ethanol is the main active ingredient in alcoholic drinks, but they also contain varying amounts of congeners, which are toxic chemicals that include methanol, isopentanol and acetone. Studies show they increase the frequency and intensity of hangovers.

Drinks high in congeners include whiskey, cognac and tequila. Bourbon whiskey is exceptionally high in congeners. On the other hand, colorless drinks — like vodka, gin and rum — have low levels of congeners. In fact, vodka contains almost no congeners at all.

Drink plenty of water. Although dehydration is not considered a main cause of hangovers, it may contribute to symptoms like thirst, headache, fatigue and dry mouth. A good rule is to drink a glass of water — or another non-alcoholic beverage — between drinks and to have at least one big glass of water before going to sleep. Add electrolytes to the water or consuming sports drinks with electrolytes helps.

Eat food before drinking. Food can reduce the amount of time it takes for alcohol to enter the bloodstream, keeping the blood alcohol levels lower. This could reduce the effects of a hangover. The best time to eat a meal containing more fat is before you start drinking, because it slows the rate at which you absorb alcohol, meaning intoxication happens more slowly.

Avoid medication that contains acetaminophen during a hangover. The liver is the organ that breaks down acetaminophen, as it does alcohol. The body is more susceptible to the toxic effects of acetaminophen when a person drinks alcohol, and this can contribute to liver damage in severe cases.

New Year 2020 Start Fresh!

It’s time to get into a healthy routine, clean up the diet, get the exercise going again and fortify the body with nutrients to recharge the old batteries and focus on getting healthy.

Detox. Do a Healthy CLEANSE to purge your body and brain of holiday excess toxins: Get your diet back to healthy simple foods. Keep foods light; steamed vegetables, eat more gluten free grains, decrease meat proteins. Add in a daily Green Drink such as Kyogreen Harvest Blend (Kyolic) it’s pure nutrition, energy food, gentle detoxifier and great for your skin. Mix it with water and True Lemon natural flavor enhancer. It comes in many different flavors and usually in the section where Crystal Light is found.

There are many detox products on the market. Detox Tea (Triple leaf) or Daily Detox capsules are great for gently removing toxins daily by flushing the kidneys and liver. There are more intense detox kits that also address the digestive tract, such as Whole Body Cleanse (Enzymatic Therapy).

Adjust your Nutrition. Eliminate dairy and white flour carbohydrates and don’t skip meals, just make them smaller or substitute 1 meal with a vegetable non-dairy (non-whey) non-soy protein drink. Take a high-quality multivitamin. Whole Earth and Sea brand (Natural Factors) are complete with highly absorbable nutrients and typically you feel the difference within a couple of weeks.

Skip sugarand low-calorie sweeteners with the known carcinogens saccharin and aspartame. Use stevia or xylitol Xylosweet (Xlear), in place of these products. Eat lots of green foods and other fresh vegetables. Don’t go crazy with the fruit as they have a lot of natural sugar in them particularly when juiced or added to smoothies. Limit gluten and keep starch carbohydrates to a minimum. Don’t let bread & pasta take you down the wrong path.

Support your adrenal glands: Your adrenal glands regulate energy and inflammation. Take an adrenal formula such as Herbal Adrenergize (Enzymatic Therapy) contains ginseng, ashwagandha & shizandra which are helpful to improve your energy. They are known as adaptogenic in nature: it will help regulate energy towards either stimulating or calming depending on what your body needs.

Get Quality Sleep!  Avoid caffeine after 10 am and turn off the TV about 1 hour before bed, go to bed at the same time to reset your internal clock and, and keep your bedroom quiet and restful. If you tend to think or worry continuously about things as you lie there trying to sleep, taking the amino acid Theanine 200 mg (1 or 2 caps)15 minutes before bed, will help calm your mind so you can fall asleep. It will also help taking theanine if you wake up and have difficulty getting back to sleep. If you tend to have muscle tension take natural relaxers Muscle Tranq (Vinco) or Relaxozyme (Enzymatic Therapy) just before you go to bed.

Stay hydrated with water. Water flushes out toxins and is part of every metabolic process in the body. To help your cells eliminate waste, improve nutrient absorption and increase energy & stamina without a caffeinated feeling add Willard Water Dark (Dr. Willard) to your daily water.

Exercise: Get your exercise routine back, just start slow. Helps control weight, reduces risk of heart diseases, manage blood sugar and insulin levels, improve your energy, mental health and mood. Improves your thinking, learning, and judgment skills to keep you sharp as you age.  new study published in the December 26, 2019 Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that people who follow general exercise guidelines of 2.5 to 5 hours a week of moderate activity (brisk walking, for example) or 1.25 to 2.5 hours of more vigorous activity (swimming, jogging, etc.) might decrease their chances of getting seven types of cancer including colon, breast, kidney, myeloma, liver, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and endometrial.

Sweat. Skin is the body’s largest organ, and sweating helps you eliminate excess body salts and other metabolites of body processes. Breaking a sweat every day is a good way to support your body’s healthy elimination of metabolic breakdown products. If you can, and your health allows, going to a sauna and steaming out the toxins through the skin can be very helpful too.

Whatever you choose to do, keep detoxing simple and easy, anything too complicated you generally won’t stick with. Also don’t try to detox too quickly or you will feel like you are getting the flu. If that happens just cut back on what you are doing. People who are on numerous medications or going through chemotherapy treatments should not be detoxing. See a Holistic Practitioner for specific advice.

Keep your 2020 eyes on the prize of great health the New Year! Before you know it, you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go!

Jane Jansen  Holistic Practitioner

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