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Jane’s Blog Aches Pains and Muscle Stiffness

Posted by Jane Jansen on

Muscle stiffness is a common symptom when the muscles feel tight and difficult to move, particularly after resting. If ignored it can also develop into aches and pains.

Dr. David O. Draper, professor and director of the graduate program in sports medicine/athletic training at Brigham Young University says, "Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a common result of physical activity that stresses the muscle tissue beyond what it is accustomed to."  All of that exercise can cause soreness and stiffness that shows up a day or two later.

The mild muscle strain injury actually creates microscopic damage to the muscle fibers. Scientists believe this damage, coupled with the inflammation that accompanies these tears, causes the pain.

Warming up your tissues (muscles, ligaments & tendons) prepares them for the impending workload, increases their suppleness and reduces the likelihood of excessive muscle soreness, tears and injuries.

So first apply a topical rub like Tiger Balm to key areas you will be using and also do some stretching. Move those muscles around a bit before you start taxing them particularly in cold weather.

When finished with the workout make sure to cool down those areas with ice (frozen peas work great!) and a cooling rub like Biofreeze.

To keep your muscles, ligaments and tendons supple and improve ability to repair year round take MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) (Natural Factors) work up to 2,000mg 3x day if you can. 

Also take a natural muscle relaxer before you go to bed Muscle Tranq (Vinco) or Relaxozyme (Enzymatic Therapy). This helps the muscles to chill out while you are sleeping and keep them from seizing up or having spasms.

Drinking a beverage with electrolytes will help as well. There is also a homeopathic remedy Leg Cramps (Hyland) which has homeopathic quinine which can help too. A warm bath later with Epsom salts or Olbas Bath Oil is great!

Don’t forget to take an anti-inflammatory such as Curcumin with Meriva (Jarrow Formulas) or a combination formula like Injurecov (Vinco) with the muscle relaxer. If inflammation is chronic then taking systemic enzymes is very beneficial. Healthful Zymes (Healthful Balance) combines anti-inflammatory enzymes and Curcumin in one formula. This will help keep the aches and pains away.

Massage Therapy not only helps you feel better, but also speed up muscle recovery. Many people, including professional athletes and health professionals suggest it eases inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness.

Time to stop the suffering! Get your muscles ready for springtime activities!

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