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Incontinence – UTI’s & Bladder Pads

Posted by Jane Jansen on

More than 12 million people have bladder control issues or Urinary Incontinence.

You know you laugh or sneeze or don’t quite make it to be bathroom on time and some urine squeaks out, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot!

As we age, our bladders lose elasticity and our kidneys’ ability to filter waste decreases and small amounts of urine can stay in the bladder after voiding, increasing the possibility of a urinary tract infection (UTI). The risk of urinary tract infections increases as incontinence worsens.

Many people turn to liners, pads, disposable underwear or even adult diapers to deal with bladder leakage which are breeding grounds for bacteria and chronic UTI’s.

Changing the absorbent products immediately after becoming soiled or wet will not only reduce the risk of UTI but will also reduce skin breakdown or damage.

Proper cleaning of the genital area, or pericare, is important after each incontinence episode or bathroom use.

After cleansing apply Golden Salve (Barlow Herbals) a natural antibacterial salve to kill off any remaining bacteria externally.

Supplements that can decrease incontinence & urinary tract infection recurrence:

Bladder Manager (Europharmica)  Angelica archangelica leaf extract contains a number of important compounds, including flavonoids such as isoquercitrin, polyphenols and polysaccharides. Studies have found isoquercitrin influences the activity of leukotrienes (LTD4) that are derived from arachidonic acid in the smooth muscle cells of the bladder. They cause contractions in the bladder and urethra by stimulating receptors. When this happens, the result is an overactive and potentially leaky bladder and a feeling of “needing to go” throughout the day and night. Isoquercitrin may inhibit the activity of these leukotrienes by either slowing their production or stopping them from binding on the receptor cells that trigger the bladder contractions. The result is less urinary urgency, an ability of the bladder to fill to greater capacity before needing to be emptied.

Uri-Active (Lifetime Vitamins) contains cranberry, d-mannose & astragalus to decrease infection, dandelion & buchu to strengthen bladder muscles and to empty bladder better. Take 1 cap 2x day morning and afternoon.

Butterbur (Solaray) decreases the feeling you have to go (good for men & women). In one study, 24 women were given butterbur for 8 weeks.  After three weeks, 17 women reported a significant reduction of the frequency of urination.  Before they began taking butterbur, urination intervals were 30 to 90 minutes, while three weeks later the intervals of 17 of the women were between 90 and 150 minutes.  Take 2 caps 2 x day morning & night.

To prevent leakage practice pelvic muscle exercises and Kegel exercises regularly to strengthen the bladder neck (contract the urethra muscles throughout the day and stop urine flow several time when urinating.)

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