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News: New England Braces for Respiratory Virus Sweeping the Country

Posted by Jane Jansen on

To learn how to protect your children from this respiratory virus please go to my previous blog. Although conventional medicine has no protective measures besides hand washing and isolation, Natural Medicine has many different preventative supplements for viral infections as well as treatments. Don't wait. Be pro-active now!


Massachusetts: The severe respiratory virus that's sweeping the country and sending scores of children to hospitals hasn't reached Massachusetts, but it will, according to local health experts. Dr. Michael Hirsh, acting commissioner of public health for the Worcester-based Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance stated, "We haven't seen it in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, I'm sure we will. People not knowingly have contracted it, will be carriers of it and will get on a plane and head east and we'll end up seeing it."

New Hampshire: The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services warned local doctors Wednesday to watch out for the rare respiratory enterovirus and said the virus could come to New Hampshire soon.

New York: The state Health Department announced it is closely monitoring hospital emergency rooms across New York for any signs of the severe respiratory virus sickening hundreds of children in the Midwest. No outbreaks of the virus, known as enterovirus 68, have been reported as of yet in New York.

New Jersey: A respiratory virus affecting record amounts of children in the Midwest is prompting local officials to prepare in case it reaches New Jersey. While New Jersey is not on the CDC’s list of states with suspected cases, that could change at any time, according to Jeanette St. Pierre, a CDC spokeswoman.

Connecticut: So far there are no known cases of Enterovirus D68 in Connecticut, but the state Department Of Public Health has warned schools and medical professionals to keep their eyes peeled for children who display symptoms.

Rhode Island: As of today there has been no comment from the Rhode Island Department of Health regarding this virus.

Nationwide: Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases says, “Respiratory infections like this can spread quite quickly across the U.S. We want people to be on the lookout.” The CDC said this past Monday the outbreak would likely get worse before it gets better.

We will be talking about this topic on our radio program Holistic Healthine this Saturday morning at 8am & again at 9:30am EST. So tune in on a station near you, Iheart radio or at or you can also listen to our podcast later in the week. Make sure to tell your family and friends. Let's keep our children from getting this virus in New England and across the United States!

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