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Keeping Your Teeth Looking Their Best

Posted by Jane Jansen on

Keeping it simple and effective Ipsab Tooth Powder is great for eliminating plaque buildup and removing stains. Ipsab tooth powder contains baking soda, prickly ash bark, salt and peppermint. The chemical structure of baking soda also makes it a mild abrasive, and that's why it's so effective for removing surface stains from your teeth. It is beneficial for neutralizing acids produced by bacteria in plaque, which could potentially destroy tooth enamel if left unchecked. Prickly Ash bark, a.k.a. “Toothache Tree”, is not only astringent, it is antiseptic, and enhances circulation. It has been used successfully to heal mouth sores, gum problems, and reducing tooth and gum pain. It enhances the flow of saliva, and encourages healing in all mouth tissues. Use Ipsab before brushing with toothpaste.

We highly recommend the Spry Xylitol toothpaste as well as the other Spry Dental products. Many Dentists and Dental Hygienists also are recommending Xylitol for keeping the gums healthy, limiting cavities and helping to re-mineralize the teeth.

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