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Run for Autism with Charity Miles

Posted by Johan Jansen on

April is Autism Awareness Month

Charity Miles is providing an innovative way for individuals to help Autism Speaks fund their mission. By leveraging mobile technology, they're able to offer an interactive experience for their supporters whether they’re walking at a Walk Now for Autism Speaks event, running in one of their Team Up for Autism Speaks, participating in a Bike to the Beach ride, or just out in the community; helping them raise funds and awareness of our cause. Each step will get us closer to finding the answers our families are searching for, while supporting the one in 68 individuals who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.

Charity Miles is available to download for free in the iPhone and Android app stores. More information and explanatory videos are available on the company’s blog.


The app is free and simple to use. No special event is required. People just launch the app, where they can choose Autism Speaks from the list of charities and either walk, run or bike. Your selected charity then earns money for every mile covered. Walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile; bikers earn 10¢ per mile.

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