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High quality Fish Oil could be the key to Brain Trauma recovery and an overall healthy Brain.

Posted by Jane Jansen on

Reported in the news, “Teenager Grant Virgin was mowed down by a car 16 months ago near his California home. The half-dead boy was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital; he had suffered a torn aorta, traumatic brain injury, and numerous broken bones. His doctors offered Grant’s parents the slimmest odds that he would survive the night and suggested to let him go.”

His parents decided to they wanted the doctors to try and save him. He underwent multiple life-saving surgeries, and put on a ventilator and other machines to keep him alive. Eventually, his body became stable, but his brain was still very much damaged. In a deep coma, his doctors told his family they must now, "wait and see" while his brain healed. His mother asked “surely there's something we can do?'" The doctor's response, according to her: "'Nope, there's nothing we can do. We just wait. The brain's got its own time schedule.”

Grant’s parents decided to seek advice from Natural Healers and tried some different natural approaches without the doctor’s knowledge. Two days after Grant received mega doses of high quality fish oil he was able to carry on a detailed phone conversation with his mom — something his parents called an absolute miracle. His father stated," We had been told he'd never be able to recognize anybody; he will never be able to focus his eyes, all the grim stuff. “Now, he is back in school part-time and growing stronger every day.

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, M.D., neuroscientist has published 55 scientifically peer reviewed studies and three specifically on 135 active and retired NFL football players. His last study "Reversing Brain Damage in Former NFL Players" was published in the February 2013 issue of the Journal or Psychoactive Drugs. The athletes in the study followed a "brain healthy protocol, designed my Dr. Amen, including dietary changes, regular exercise, numerous brain nutrients, especially high doses of quality fish oil. Within an average of six months, the players showed significant increases in cognitive scores, blood flow and memory. Many athletes had greater than 50% increase in percentile scores.

Quality is the key word when choosing a fish oil. Too many people take inferior cheap fish oil and then wonder why they are not seeing benefits. Fish oil for consumption needs to be contaminant free and processed so it will not go rancid, which can actually harm the body and brain. Which fish make up the fish oil is also crucial for obtaining benefits such as herring, sardines, mackerel, anchovies and salmon.

This is why in our over 30 years of practice at the Tree of Life Wellness Center we have been using the Nordic Naturals brand fish oils for our patients and have seen great results. They meet our standards and have stood the test of time.


**We do believe with any health problem, particularly when patients are on numerous medications, or facing specific medical procedures, they seek advice from an experience professional Natural Practitioner to avoid causing medication interactions, further damage or complications with conventional medical treatments.

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